Born in Santa Monica, California, I spent my earliest years in my Mother's art studio in Venice Beach. My Mother, a sculptor and art teacher, taught classes out of our studio home. Years later, from a new studio in Port Townsend, Washington, my Mother's classes began again. Three nights out of every week I was surrounded by a wonderful community in which art was the core that brought people together and sparked dialogue. I now live and work in Washington State, dividing my time between Seattle and Port Townsend.

With paint I can allude to the complexity of emotion, motion and touch as they intertwine to create reality; I can evoke this experience as well as share with others what i cannot share in words or in any other way. The ritual of painting allows me to live the moment anew, to create something that indicates the life both in and out of a framed space. This is how, for me, the personal is made extraordinary.

Artists influential to my work are Susan Rothenberg, Marsden Hartley and Arthur Dove. From each one I have come to understand new ways of reaching emotion visually. I am impressed by the perfection in their deliberate imperfection and by their ability to use emotional images without becoming trite.